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Please follow the guidelines carefully, especially regarding how to name your submission and number of pieces allowed for each category. 

  Also, take note of our theme.

We welcome submissions of many genres, preferring work that is innovative, captivating, well-crafted, and unique, work that crosses boundaries of genres and tradition. You may be serious. You may be humorous. You may be somewhere in between. We are looking simply for quality. New writers and seasoned writers are both welcome. All work must be in English.

Please visit our guidelines page on our website for more specific guidelines.

Open submission period: September 1 to December 1.

The THEME for our open submission period of 2018-2019 is Boundaries Built and Broken: This world offers a host of guidelines that are physical, natural, figurative, and imagined. Daily we navigate through social, political, and geographic boundaries. Some of us find loopholes and sneak through. Sometimes we break through either for worse or for better. Send us works that show how boundaries keep order or keep us down.

All writing submissions will be under consideration for our Writer Awards.

Include your cover letter and short bio in the box for Bio/Cover Letter only.  

**Please do not submit, withdraw, and submit something again. If you need to withdraw one poem from the batch, make a note in your submission or send us an email instead of withdrawing the whole thing. If you have submitted in the incorrect category, please send us an email or drop us a note. We appreciate it!**

The Nassau Review is a print journal.  We do not publish online.

Ends on December 1, 2018

Drawings, photographs, diagrams

*All interior artwork will appear in black and white

*Seeking cover art as well as art for interior

* You may upload up to three submissions as each submission will allow only one file. This guideline applies to artwork only.

* File name: LastNameTitleOfPiece

Genre editor: Staff

Ends on December 1, 2018

Creative Non-Fiction ONLY

No critical essays or analysis please.

* Double space

* File name: LastNamePieceTitle

Genre editor: Sabrina Davis

Ends on December 1, 2018

Short story or flash fiction

* Double space

* file name: LastNameTitleofPiece

Genre Editor: Beth Smith

Ends on December 1, 2018

Form, prose poems, free verse, lists, song lyrics, writing that doesn’t quite fit any genre but you know it’s something

* Single space

* one to THREE poems

* ONE file; page breaks between pieces
File name: LastNameNumberOfPoems

* In the Title Line, you may list all poem titles (That Time Of Year; Passionate Shepherd; Fatherhood) -OR- the number of poems (i.e. Three Poems).

*Do not submit poems separately.

Genre Editor: Christina M. Rau

If you ARE a member of the NCC Community, please follow the general guidelines *AND* include in your cover letter how you are part of NCC.

Indicate the genre in your cover letter.

Members of the NCC Community include all past and present faculty, staff, and administration.

CURRENT STUDENTS should submit to the students' Creative Writing Club's journal, Luna.

Alumni students are eligible to submit under the general guidelines (NOT in this category), though you should indicate in your cover letter when you graduated or attended NCC.

Members of the NCC Community are NOT eligible for cash awards.

ONE file for poetry; use a page break between pieces

 Anonymous reading for this category.

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